Was I Ever Qualified?

When I first became a pastor, I had only been married for about three years, didn’t have any kids and I had come out of a church that really only gave a wink at Pastoral qualifications found in I Timothy 3.  In fact, when I was candidating for the pastorate at the church, A couple […]

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Fulfill Your Calling

I was recently given an official recognized sabbatical from my church as a way of honoring my ordination and to keep a continuity between my pastorate and whatever my next ministry will be. I appreciate the gesture since most ex-pastors are usually left alone to figure out what they’re supposed to do after ministry.  I […]

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Losing Your Story in His

I heard my pastor say something this past Sunday that he¬†claimed¬†may be a little controversial, but I don’t doubt its veracity. He said: “I am convinced that everyone who enters ministry does so with some ambition of gaining notoriety.” How can that be disputed? This is exactly what we see as the conversation between Jesus’ […]

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Gentler is Better

Something I have learned after being out of the pastorate for a while is that I have appreciated a gentle approach to my mistakes and problems when being counseled or corrected by pastoral leadership. I think back at times when I handled someone in my congregation with too much of a heavy hand and I […]

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